I don’t believe in waiting for opportunity to knock, I like to beat down the door!

I think opportunity can be found round every corner, but you need to go round the corner to have a chance of finding it.  It seems to me that too many people expect ‘something will come along’, or rely on society to pay their way in life, instead of working to create their own opportunities.  I’m very fortunate because from a young age my parents instilled a drive in me to make something of my life, (and for this I will be forever thankful) so I intend take hold of every opportunity, because my life does depend on it.

As a young girl I dreamt of fashion and that passion runs through my veins.  I feel this is my time to pursue this interest and build on the skills I have already gained, and I will do this in the world of work rather than going to University.

As a blogger, I express my thoughts through a range of mediums; this can be using photography, the clothes I like or wear, or writing about events I have been to.  Whichever tool I use, I want readers to feel what I am feeling and see what I am seeing.  I hope that by visualizing my style in words or pictures, I can evoke the senses and translate this into the atmosphere of my environment.

My blogging style has been described as ‘atmospheric and captivating’. I hope to achieve this with my fashion blogging for The Future Vintage.

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